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Three benefits of FATE

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There are a lot of benefits when using our device created to detect falls which elderly people can suffer and to advise family members and professionals with an alarm. Today we will tell you the three main benefits of FATE:

1. It provides tranquillity and security, to the users who use it as well as to their families. Most of the 175 people in Catalonia, Ireland and Italy who participated in the pilot study of the project have affirmed that thanks to FATE they can now go for a walk of until three kilometres, after not having been able to do that for a long time. The main reason for not leaving the house was the panic of falling down, which caused a true anxiety. In addition, their families also feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing that their parents or grandparents feel safer in spite of being alone at home or in the street.

2. Elderly people are more autonomous. Thanks to the tranquillity and security which provides them confidence and thanks to the immediate help in case of falling down, elderly people can be more autonomous, and should they wish, they can manage their everyday life on their own, without depending on families or caretakers who limit their freedom in a certain way. Now they can go shopping, go for a walk or visit their friends and families without the need of depending on the time and schedules of those who should accompany them for reasons of safety and prevention.

3. It represents an improvement of the health system. The fact that elderly people are equipped with a device that advices when they fall down is a big help for the public health and care system, as well as for the private medical services, insurances and mutual insurance services. That means that with FATE we will make the system easier and it will save cost that are sometimes unnecessary.