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The users help us to “redesign” FATE with their experience

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Some months ago, we from the CETpD organized a focus group –with the help of Pracmatic- to learn about the opinions of the users of FATE. The intention was to extract the maximum information we could get about their experience while using it – by looking at the interaction of the users with their device.

When we observed and evaluated this relation of user and device, we noticed the positive or negative perception they had in regards to the design and other aspects related to the emotions and feelings towards the device.


The test group consisted of 25 patients who were using FATE, family members of other patients who also used it (different to the first group) and the researchers who developed the project.

The patients and family members were supposed to exchange their experiences and participate actively in the “redesign” of the device. While the researchers collected and evaluated the different ideas and exchanged opinions based on their knowledge thanks to observing the dynamic group.


In general, a high level of satisfaction towards the device, its functions and benefits was revealed. But still, some inconveniences and possible improvements of the product were put on the table, most of them related to the communication with the user. Some of the improvement steps which were put on the table after the focus group were:

- Implementation of an online system to exchange information between users and producers to create a dynamic and active community to communicate with each other.

- Incorporation of a department of customer experience and customer service within the project team.

- Implementation of extracting processes and contrasting data based on the experience.

- Improve the communication beyond the main ways of communication and employ a strategy of loyalty for the objective public.