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Good sensations of the Summit

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Last week the team of researchers who have developed REMPARK and FATE were at the “Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing”. This event organized by the European Union in Brussels has the target of putting policy and European services together with the market, which is taking on the challenge of the population’s ageing, the demographic change and the change of paradigm in the new economies.

In the CETpD, we value this experience in a positive way, it has been very interesting to be able to get in touch with a lot of people and organizations that were represented there. In addition, it has allowed us to attend to several presentations and discussions about European policy related with the topic.

Showing the result of the research

During the two days, when we were present at the summit, we announced the results reached in the two European projects coordinated by our team of researchers: REMPARK and FATE.

From REMPARK’s project, a new device was unveiled which allows to monitor main symptoms of the Parkinson disease in real time. It is a Holter for Parkinson which has been tested in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Israel with 50 patients from their homes and not in the laboratory.

And from FATE, a new device was unveiled which detects falls, thus improving the specifications and conditions of use of the prototype used during the project.

Both products have been unveiled under the umbrella of the company SENSE4CARE, which is one UPC’s spin-off, which was created to commercialise research results in the field of health and help to people.

To sum up, it has been an enriching experience and it will contribute several benefits to the dissemination of the results and the use of the projects. Besides, it is a pride for ourselves as researchers in this field that the European Union invited us to show the results and the products, especially as only 16 projects / companies could participate after a careful selection.